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Welcome to the zoo
Hi, a friend of mine made me a button with your art (magpie & tiger). Is this okay for you? I'd wear it with pride. <3

Usually I prefer people get my designs from my shop, but redbubble doesn’t do buttons so I guess there’s no problem with it!  

Sure, show off your murder husband pride~

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So my friend and I have this headcanon that Sebastian’s a white tiger animagus (same animal as his patronus) and of course Jim loves it when he shifts because Sebastian becomes a fluffy ferocious beast that makes a great pillow to sleep on after another day of boring class.

click for better quality. 

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Anonymous said:
Your headcannon about Seb having Aspergers is my favourite headcannon ever. Seb is probably my favourite mor, and I have Aspergers myself, so I really love thinking I know almost how he feels.

Thank you!  It’s one of my favorites too.  I have a feeling that he’s definitely not very good with people, and even sometimes with Jim he feels he needs seclude himself if things get too noisy.

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Thank you! If you want to listen to it, it's right here! 8tracks.(com)/zephyrsherlock/mormor (Just take out the parenthesis.)

Oh wonderful!   Mormor fanmixes are my life.  Everyone check it out, okay?

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Quick question: I'm making a mormor fan mix on 8tracks, can I use your tiger/magpie art for the cover? I'll credit you and everything! Thanks!

Of course!  I’m so glad people love my little design.  Here is the transparent image in case you don’t want to use the background

Anonymous said:
Hi! Love the blog! Just wondering, where did you get your little tiger& magpie images from? I'd love to get them as a tattoo but wouldn't do so without artists/ creators permission first! :-)

I’m assuming you mean these designs:


[I draw Tigers and Magpies a lot so there’s a few different pictures depicting them.]

They are my own designs c:  And I would be truly honored it you had them ink!  Please send me a picture if you do, that would be amazing.

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